Kroger's mobile Kroger Edge

Kroger for some time now has been competing with Amazon to stay ahead in the food and technology revolution. For this reason Kroger is introducing a new technology called Kroger Edge into 200 of its stores starting this year.
Kroger Edge is a new technology that digitally displays the pricing of items, the product’s nutritional information, video ads, and coupons all on the stores’ product shelves where paper price labels are currently placed. This technology will allow for Kroger to quickly, instantly, and efficiently change its prices and even activate promotions across entire stores.
Kroger is hoping to take this a step further in the future and is currently testing on how to integrate this technology with customer’s mobile devices. A mobile app is still in the process of being developed and tested however. But by making this technology mobile, there will be communication between the shopping lists on customers’ phones and the aisles lined with Kroger Edge technology. This means that as a customer walks down an aisle, the product shelf will light up to let customers know that that is the product they are looking for. This new mobile Kroger Edge will eventually allow customers to choose products based on their dietary restrictions and it will help them find the specific brand(s) they are looking for.
This advanced type of mobile Kroger Edge is already being tested by Kroger employees who are in charge of putting together customers’ online orders. Kroger employees like this mobile Kroger Edge so far and it’s noted in Hayley Peterson’s article “Kroger is rolling out a new technology to nearly 200 stores that could change grocery shopping as we know it” that “it drastically cut down on the amount of time it took to pick and pack the order.”
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Kroger, as the developer and owner of Kroger Edge and the in progress version of mobile Kroger Edge, might start marketing and selling its technology to other retailers. This technology could start becoming visible at different stores much sooner rather than later in the future.
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