Mistakes to avoid with Pizza POS systems.

If you are looking for a POS system for your Pizzaria, what are the most common mistakes you should watch out for.
1. HOMEWORK: With all that is going on with your business, it becomes hard to find the time to do your homework and research. Choosing the cheapest or most expensive system will not guarantee you success. We actually suggest that you first understand what the right Pizza POS system needs to offer you before concentrating on price. As an example, will you want to offer gift cards to your customers? If so, can your POS provider quickly respond.
2. OTHER TECHNOLOGY NEEDS: The other thing to consider is if your Pizza POS provider can be your one stop shop for all your technology needs. Security Cameras. Phone Systems. Networking. The ultimate question is if your Pizza POS company can give you the technology infrastructure you need.
3. FUTURE NEEDS: Many Pizza owners have the goal of opening more locations and franchises. Will your Pizza POS provider be able to take you from one location to many without a hitch? It is important that the provider is ready to grow with you.
4. JUST ANOTHER NUMBER: Don’t be another number. The right POS provider will give you the same service and support regardless of if you are a new one-store operation or are a well established franchise.
5. SALESMEN: What is the relationship between the person “selling” you the system and the POS company. If he’s simple an agent,