Minority Report coming to San Francisco with Security Cameras. Public Safety or Government Control?

San Francisco’s subway and BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport) system to include trams/buses plans to install 288 surveillance cameras to track suspicious behavior. The system is part of an emerging system popping up across the country to analyze suspicious behavior and recognize potential criminal activity before the commission of a crime.
The dubbed “pre-crime” surveillance systems actively compare an individual’s activity with ones predetermined as normal or usual.  Upon recognition of suspicious behavior, the system notifies designated personnel. The intention is to decrease the need for real time monitoring of live cameras by security staff.  The intended manufacturer of the cameras in San Francisco, BRS Labs, claim to have installed the same systems in other public and government facilities including military bases. The notion of catching criminals before a crime is committed is very reminiscent of the 2002 movie Minority Reports.
Public comments and concerns should be directed to:
Customer Service
Bay Area Rapid Transit District
P.O. Box 12688
Oakland CA 94604-2688
(415) 989-2278
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