Miller's Pub @ Chicago's Midway International Airport

In today’s airports, delays don’t necessary translate to endless boredom. More than ever, airports are offering a range of amenities from shopping options, to restaurants, bars, pubs, and all sorts of fast food. Some (i.e. Las Vegas) even offer health and fitness facilities. Chicago’s Midway which is fast becoming an convenient alternative to O’Hare also offers a variety of great places. After the heavy storms cancelled Sintel Systems staff travels back to Los Angeles, three hours delays faced us when we arrived at Midway. While some would be frustrated, we saw it as our last opportunity to enjoy Chicago before heading back home.
We stopped at the packed Millers Pub claiming “A Chicago Tradition Since 1935” for some food. So why was it so packed. First, it was Thursday evening and that it typically when many business travelers fly back making the airports busy. But the real reason was the NBA (National Basketball Association) game between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs. Right after watching the Blackhawks won against the Boston’s Bruins in NHL’s Stanly Cup last night in Wicker Park, we were amidst what seems to be Heat and Spurs fans.
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