Fast Food Giant McDonald's Allows Franchises to Pick Menus

In May, McDonald’s announced that it would allow franchisees to select its all-day breakfast offerings. This is a huge change as this policy allows local McDonald’s locations to offer menus based preference. Ultimately, McDonald’s is giving its franchisees the ability to make adjustments based on customer choice and sales patterns.
However, part of McDonald’s appeal as a brand is consistency. Customers can purchase the same meal from any McDonald’s and it tastes the same. With the policy shift, some of the chain’s consistency is lost, which could result in angry customers and lost opportunities for sales. However, the potential loss of business is counter by limiting labor and food waste as there’s unlikely to be less breakfast items that end up being discarded.
In the fall of 2015 after much clamoring from customers, McDonald’s began offering all day breakfast and saw same-store sales rise as a result. As locations alter their menus, it will be interesting to see if McDonald’s can hold on to those gains.
On a side note, McDonald’s also recently announced that in the year since they exchanged frozen for fresh beef in the Quarter Pounder, sales of the burger are up 30% on average.
“Our customers tell us they have an interest in understanding where it {the beef} comes from, what goes into it and how is it prepared,” a spokesperson from McDonald’s said. “We’re trying to be more transparent and make some necessary changes to delight our customers as we embark on our journey to be a better McDonald’s.
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