Marketing Tips: 99 Direct Mail Marketing by Entreprenuer

iStock_000018618893XSmallDo you provide a great product or service but your doors aren’t opening as many times a day as you would expect? Chances are people just haven’t heard about your shop yet and they need to be urged out by your marketing techniques.

Marketing Tips

Here are just a few stand out marketing tips from’s article – 99 Tips for Direct-Mail Marketing:
Give a free gift to increase response
Highlight the free-gift offer prominently
Make your offer easy to respond to
Offer a free trial to eliminate risk
Make your offer easy to understand at a glance
Have your direct mail reviewed by an objective third party
Personalize as much as you can
Include a call to action; tell your readers exactly what you want them to do
Put a picture of a phone by your phone number
“Free” is still a motivating word–use it and highlight it
Postcards are very efficient; usually both sides are looked at
Its OK to send the same piece over and over for consistency
Mail with stamps get opened before metered mail
Odd shapes work, too (It’s a given that something out of the norm will get more second glances than the usual everyday mail)

For the full 99 mailer marketing tips, read the full list here.
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