Market POS – Taylor's Ol' Fashioned Market

Taylor’s Ol’ Fashion Market
Taylor’s Ol’ Fashion Market recently spoke to Spectrum of their technology upgrade including their broadband internet connection from Charter Spectrum Business and  point of sale (POS) from Sintel Systems Global POS.

Historic Institution

Family-run, Taylor’s sells meat and organic produce. The long-standing institution has been proudly serving the residents of Sierra Madre since 1966.

“Taylor’s Ol’ Fashioned Market is really an old-school business, the way we do things,” said Kevin Taylor, Don’s son, but “it was time to make a change.”

“Our head cashier used to joke to me that she could bag all the groceries and put them in the cart by the time the credit card receipt printed out because it was so slow,” said Kevin.

 Taylors-Ol-Fashioned-Market-POS-Partners-Sintel-Systems-Cashier-Customer  Taylors-Ol-Fashioned-Meat-Market-POS-Partners-Sintel-Systems-Upgrade-Processing-Display

Old Business, New Tech

Sintel Systems provided Taylor’s Ol’ Fashioned Market with their complete point of sale system.

On the their tech upgrade, Kevin said: “Now that we have a point of sale system in place it allows us to track our inventory which helps us better manage our ordering. It lets us see what products we’re selling and what products we aren’t.

And so it makes us more efficient and really, a better way of running our business.”

“I’m very excited about what this new modernization is going to do for us,” said Don. “I’ll be able to stay in business much longer than I would have normally done. I have great hopes for our business … and now we have technology to make us better.”

Taylor’s complete POS solution came from the only single-source and direct POS solution provider. Sintel Systems provides top-grade hardware, professional software, all-inclusive technical support, global gift and loyalty card network, cloud services and merchant account services.

To learn more about upgrading your technology to benefit your business, contact Sintel Systems today.