Jesse Torrero slams LAPD for Hiltner treatment after video of nurse beating.

September 1, 2012 – In a letter to Los Angeles Police Department Chief Beck and several other senior officers including Deputy Chief Jorge Villegas , Deputy Chief Earl Paysinger, and Assistant Chief Steven Jacobs, Torrero (local radio personality and realtor) criticized the LAPD for removing  Capt. Joe Hiltner after the brutal video of two LAPD officers slamming Michelle Jordan to the ground surfaced from security cameras.
On August 21, 2012, Jordan was pulled over in the Los Angeles community of Tujunga in Del Taco parking lot for allegedly using a cell phone. The two officers, one a 22-year-old veteran and the other a 10-month probationary officer, are seen slamming the 34-year old nurse to the ground twice before placing her in the back of the patrol car. Jordan was charged later with resisting arrest before the LAPD became aware of the video footage of the incident. Pictures and video of the incidents was caught by security cameras at the Del Taco.

In his letter, Torrero turns focus on Beck as he writes, “If you could prove that Captain Hiltner directed them to act as such then yes swift action must take place against him, otherwise if he is to blame for those patrolmen’s decisions, then you are to blame as well…”. ” He goes on to ask the ‘Sirs, ‘Where does the buck stop?”
On the opposite spectrum are the majority of everyday citizens who believe that it is the overall culture of the LAPD that allows for this type of behavior. Many point to the fact that the incident involves the new and the old LAPD given the rage of the officer’s tenure. If security cameras caught this one incident, how others have not been caught.
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