Is there really such a deal as a free point-of-sale POS system for your bar, restaurant, or any other business? Is free POS the best deal or just another scam?

FREE POS – FREE Point of Sale – FREE Cash Register – Restaurant, Bar, Pub & Retail
Most of us have heard the phrase “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” or “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” or other variations of this phrase. Or how about if “it’s too good to be true then it probably is.”
Then how is it that you see advertisements claiming “free POS” or “free point-of-sale. So, is there such a thing as “free POS” for your business? Here are some common phrases and mostly misleading we found when researching this topic:
“Upgrade your business to Point-of-Sale FOR FREE”
“FREE POS System for Hospitality, Bar or Retail”
“Is a FREE POS in your budget?”
“A comprehensive FREE point-of-sale solution for your business!”
To better understand, lets quickly look at the components and pricing of a POS system:
1. Hardware: This includes many times the POS touch screen, all-in-one touch pc or separate processor (computer), customer display, barcode scanners, cash resister drawer, kitchen display, and thermal printers.
2. Software: It is defined as the specific program than runs the point of sale operations and can have a variety of features.
3. Credit Card Processing
4. Training
5. Service & Warranty
It is easy to understand that all the above components cost money. Some imagine that the revenue from credit card processing may be able to allow seller of POS systems to offer the system for free. This is typically NOT true. The share of revenues the POS provider receives is way too little to cover the costs involved if you are to get a real system.
So, how is it that you see advertisements for “free POS systems?”
Pre-Installed POS Systems For Restaurants, Fast Foods, Bars, Coffee Shops and more…

We went searching and found the answers and here is what we found when we tried to purchase a two station POS system for FREE for a restaurant from one of the nations leading advertisers of free POS:
1. Basic Package: $60/month per station: Total: $120/month. Includes touch screen with credit card reader, cash drawer, receipt printer, and customer display pole.
2. Optional Equipment: Total: $33/month. Includes Kitchen Display and remote printer
3. There is a $60 per quarter maintenance. That is an extra $1,200 in the five year term.
Then we moved on to the fun part: THE FINE PRINT! Commonly, most business owners are so busy with setting up their business that they don’t read the pages of fine print and this is where you can come across surprises. We suggest that you spend the time to always read the fine print and ask questions. Here are a few interesting and frankly scary parts from it:
Terms: The monthly payment agreement is for 60 months and then it is automatically renewed for an additional 48 months if you don’t give them notice 60 days period to the termination of the first 60 months. Early termination fee is equal to the number of months remaining and the entire amount is due upon termination! So if after operating for 36 months, you want out, then you need to pay them 24 months worth of payments immediately.
RATE HIKE!!!!!! The POS seller can adjust the monthly service charges upon 30 days written notice. So at any point, they can raise the fees and you have to accept it.
Credit Card Processing: You have to maintain this service with them and pay any fees they like.
Equipment Ownership: They own the equipment and upon termination, you must return all the equipment in working condition.
The actual provider: Your POS provider is actually a bank. Don’t know if I want the bank to know everything about my transactions.
We know it’s hard to believe, but feel free to read the entire contract yourself.
Cost of ownership: Basic Package + Optional Equipment + Tax
$120+$33= $153 x 60 months = $9,180
Plus 20 quarterly of $60 = $1,200
Total: $10,380 (Depending on what State you are in, you may have to add applicable taxes to it.
This is the cost if they don’t decide to raise the monthly fee as they seem fit and if you forget to cancel the term 60 days before the expiration, then you are stuck for another 48 month or $8,300.
And you still don’t own the EQUIPMENT and are the mercy of the seller.
When we tried to bring up this to them and asked “how is this free,” with a condescending attitude, we were told that this is like a cell phone contract. I am no fan of mobile phone companies, but at least with the cell phone companies you own the phone at the end and they can’t just raise rates on you if you are in a contract.
Directly stated, it is not only dishonest, but also grossly deceitful! One must wonder, if this is how a relationship starts, how will the rest of it go? The only factor we are not certain about is the service they provide when you have the system. You are stuck, so you can be at their mercy. They may be wonderful service providers, but in business, trust is everything and if they are this way in the beginning, who knows. A POS system is an investment in your business just like your employees who need to be trustworthy.
“There’s no such thing as a free lunch” and “it’s too good to be true then it probably is.”
If you want an honest and reliable POS solution provider, then contact Sintel Systems. Our goal is to help you build your business instead of locking you into fine print. Your success directly reflects upon us and bring success to us. Contact us today with any questions:
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