Do I Need To Tare My Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale Software and Scale?

Frozen Yogurt POS ScaleLately, we’ve received a high number of calls from current and potential Frozen Yogurt business owners asking about Tare Weights. The main question is do I have to tare my software for frozen yogurt, or any other weighted item, in my state?
Sure, we have a vast knowledge about computers, technology, point of sale systems and software, and the frozen yogurt industry. However, due to the rapid change in state legislatures, we cannot keep up with all 50 states. You would need to check with your local Department of Weights & Measurements offices for specifics to your state.
If you find out that you need to tare your cups, we can help! Our UP Restaurant software for Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale has made it easier than every to complete this in just a few simple steps.
The Step by Step Guide can be found here.Frozen-Yogurt-Point-of-Sale-POS-Software-Sintel-Systems-855-POS-SALE
OR the quick guide found below:
Step 1: Go to Operation Management
Step 2: Go to Basic Settings, choose Other Settings sub menu, and choose System Codes Management.
Step 3: Scroll to “Tare”.
Step 4: Label the weight and enter the weight displayed on your scale when you put your cups on.
Step 5: Go to Menu Management and select your Frozen Yogurt menu item(s).
Step 6: Check the applicable Tare Weights (or Select All).
Step 7: Save and Exit Operation Management
If none of these were helpful enough, maybe a video would help? That can be found here.
Oh, and by the way, if you’re froyo shop is in California or New York, you have to tare your cups.
We offer a wide variety of POS components including gram and ounce frozen yogurt scales. Call us today for more information regarding Sintel System’s Complete Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale Package!