iPad POS for Frozen Yogurt?

Looking for an iPad or tablet solution for your point of sale (POS) needs for froze yogurt?
(Video not loading, see it on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/UagFODjY2kg )

Your POS decisions is one of the most important partnership decisions you will make. Why?
1. Your POS company is your gate way to your money and you must be able to count of them.
2. You can fire your employee, change suppliers, but changing your POS partner is a nightmare. Just ask your employees and accountant.
3. If your POS is not working, then you are not selling.
There is one important question to ask if you are thinking about an iPad solution for your frozen yogurt (or pizza or restaurant). Why do you want an iPad? Typically there several reason including the following for considering a tablet POS system:
1. Looks and style. If this is the only reason, then please see the following short video.
2. It is cheaper. Cost is always an important factor, but  account for total cost before you purchase an iPad or tablet POS. Basically do the math. Call Sintel Systems and let us help you make the right long term decision.
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