Omni Channel: IHOP Sees Strong Growth in Take Out Orders

Not long ago, we discussed how parent company Dine Brands was planning to invest in remodeling and also improving technology at chains IHOP and Applebee’s.
Those plans continue, however previous strategies are currently paying off for IHOP. Recently, the restaurant reported five straight quarters of positive sales. Off-premise sales which include take-out, delivery, and drive-through orders were especially strong, having jumped by 54 percent in the past quarter. To-go orders currently make up 10 percent of the company’s sales, more than double what they were in 2018.
Two years ago, IHOP began to improve its omni channel ordering options by refreshing its digital ordering technology and forming partnerships with delivery platforms. Prior to this, IHOP revamped its packaging to protect food as much as possible, so remote clients would receive the same meals as they would in the restaurant. For example, the redesigned packaging includes ventilation traps that maintain heat, but not steam to help keep pancakes fluffy.
Also, IHOP gave servers tablets to make the ordering process more accurate and speed up it–the technology automatically sends orders to the kitchen. Other streamlining technology allows guests to register for the waitlist before arriving at the restaurant, and providing an algorithm based wait-time estimate.
Popular online promotions such as IHOP flipping the “P” to promote burgers in 2018 and the more recent pancake membership program known as “MyHop” is enticing younger customers. As IHOP continues to improve it’s omni channel ordering options, their future sales will continue to grow.
All restaurants, but especially family and casual dining brands would do well to pay attention to IHOP’s choices. In today’s market, classic sit-down brands simply can’t rely on an eat in customer base to drive sales. The majority of customers are on the move–people grab breakfast on their way to work, and rarely have time for leisurely lunches. The pace and routine of customer traffic gives casual dining chains with omni channel ordering a major advantage.
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