Ice Cream vs Frozen Yogurt: how do we decide?

Are we still talking about ice cream vs frozen yogurt? Why yes, yes we are. If you’re wondering why, it’s probably because regardless of the frozen yogurt craze that has been progressing furiously for the past few years, ice cream shops are also still thriving and moving forward.
20140831_145222Yogurtland was founded in February of 2006, with its first location in Fullerton, CA. Just 6 short years later, over 200 locations were founded not only in the United States, but also in Mexico, Venezuela, Australia, and Guam. Their headquarters is currently located in Irvine, CA, where 5 different locations can be found in the city.
Now, while Yogurtland has been growing for only 8 short years, Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream has been around since 1961, about 53 years. The first store was opened in Brooklyn, New York in 1976. Today, not only is Haagen-Dazs sold in various supermarkets, there are over 900 ice cream shops in over 50 different countries.PaperArtist_2014-09-01_21-34-35
Is there a benefit to eating one or the other? Well, I must start by saying that although some frozen yogurt desserts may be healthier than ice cream, it is not to say that frozen yogurt is healthier than actual yogurt itself. While frozen yogurt does contain many more nutrients and minerals than ice cream, it may also contain significant amounts of sugar.
Still, if it is made correctly, frozen yogurt contains certain active bacterial cultures that can support the immune system as well as promote digestive health. It is important to make sure your favorite frozen yogurt shop also takes into consideration these factors with their froyo. If not, the delectably delicious, healthy alternative to ice cream may not be as healthy as you first presumed.

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