I Own POS Hardware Already, Can I Purchase Just Software for my Pizzeria?

Pizzerias can be found all over the world serving hot delicious pizzas loaded with mouthwatering toppings. No wonder pizza is one of Americas most popular fast food options. Sintel Systems is committed to providing the highest possible level of service to all of its customers. We offer complete system packages tailored specifically for the pizza industry. Our systems are being utilized in numerous pizzerias nationwide. Although we highly recommended purchasing complete system bundles to guarantee the greatest possible up-time for your system and take advantage of hardware support through Sintel Systems, we do have just the software available to customers. This works well for those who may be under financial challenges requiring them to first buy the software/support and then buy the new hardware later. However, in that case they should still contact Sintel Systems and explore all the innovative ways we can help.


All Software purchases need be accompanied by a Support Plan. There are no exceptions to this rule simply because we want to make sure you get the best possible experience with the software. Sintel Systems thoroughly tests its hardware and software combinations to ensure that everything meets the high quality standards we set for ourselves. But when a customer chooses to break this efficient combination by introducing another hardware provider, support must be purchased to configure and tie in the provided hardware with our software. Sintel Systems is focused on bringing quality Point of Sale packages to all industries and continues to pursue maximum efficiency and reliability for all of our packages.
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