Home Depot Hack Confirmed: 5-month Data Breach in POS Systems

home-depot_12012010200531A Home Depot hack that may be even greater than Target’s scandal last year has been confirmed. For the past 5 months, hackers have remained in Home Depot’s Point of Sale systems unnoticed, while stealing debit and credit card information from shoppers across the United States and Canada.
Home Depot is currently investigating, and no information has been released on the number of shoppers directly affected. Brian Krebs, Internet fraud expert, stated that there has been a significant increase in fraudulent withdrawals from bank accounts. The information taken from Home Depot’s systems would allow thieves to make such withdrawals.
Home Depot is definitely not the first to experience the consequences of cyberthieves. For the past year alone, here is the list of companies that were affected:
• Target
• Michaels
• Neiman Marcus
• P.F. Chang’s
• Albertson’s Acme
• Jewel-Osco
• Shaw’s and Star Market supermarkets
• SuperValu’s Cub Foods
• Hornbacher’s
• Farm Fresh
• Shop ‘N Save
• Shoppers Food & Pharmacy
Home Depot is now taking precautionary measures to ensure that issues of this sort do not arise again. The store will replace its card swiping terminals with those that are able to accept a more secure EMV card that is chip-enabled.
Having the right POS terminal is now, more than ever, a top priority for business owners everywhere.
Senior staff members at Sintel systems once again reiterate the risk to reward ratio associated with maintaining cardholder information in the merchant system. With the customer’s information on the terminal, only a receipt is needed to complete the return and refund. However, with credit card information for multiple shoppers continuously stored, it is a hackers dream set up for them conveniently.
POS Systems provided by Sintel Systems are not vulnerable to hacking because none of the customer’s credit card information is maintained on the POS system. Once the transaction is complete the data is sent to the banking system and not kept in the POS system. Although this may not be as convenient for some customers as they will need a credit card used to issue any Sintel Systems refunds, it is definitely not as convenient for any hacker trying to steal information because the information is simply not there.

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