Halloween Point of Sale Rental – Benefits

Rent and Return It
With the cost of renting your place, buying your inventory, and paying your temporary employees, you might want to also obtain your point-of-sale (POS) and security camera system on a temporary basis, too. While you might operate your Halloween store every year, you may not want to store the equipment the rest of the year. Additionally, renting and leasing give you some tax benefits that might suit your condition well.
Benefits of Halloween Rental POS Package include:
* Affordable, temporary alternative to purchase.
* User Friendly, easy-to-use technology
* Import your inventory without hassle.
* Re-Order Lists; keep your inventory stocked without stress.
Contact us and give us an idea of how large your store(s) is and how much inventory you intend to carry. We are ready to help you if you have one or multiple stores. Don’t really know? Our extensive experience lets us help. We will let you know how many point-of-sale stations (POS) you will need and how many cameras you will need. We give you all the information you need. If you are local, Sintel offers local installation or you can simply pick it up. We ship across the country and the world. Once you get your package, follow the simple instructions. Over the phone or Internet training and support is available as well. After the season is over, you simply package all the equipment and send it back to us.
Take a look at our Halloween Monthly Rental Point of Sale Package.