Frozen Yogurt POS Software – Easy, Fast, and Efficient

The Frozen Yogurt Industry is quickly growing with more demand nationwide then any other time in it’s history. Customers are looking for variety with flavors one would never believe possible. Frozen Yogurt Shop owners are looking for ways to keeping up with the demand hunger for variety. With some stores accumulating lines as long as the eye can see, order processing becomes more and more important then ever. There is nothing worse then choosing your favorite variety of frozen yogurt and topping just to watch it melt as one stands in line waiting to pay. Frozen Yogurt POS (point of sale) has also evolved allowing for cashiers to process customers within seconds.
Frozen Yogurt POS Systems using the Sintel Systems Point of Sale Software combines simple user interfaces with powerful business management tools. Not only does this allow for Frozen Yogurt business owners to simplify employee training, but also control their business with an easy-to-use software. Restaurant POS for Frozen Yogurt POS Systems features a simple, intuitive menu, which does not require hours of training, and has integrated payment processing, making transaction processing as easy as 1-2-3. Customer place Frozen Yogurt on the integrated ounce point of sale scales, cashiers ring up the product, and the customer makes payment. With this convenient tool Frozen Yogurt business owners can focus on what is most important: their business.
Sintel System’s software can be used in conjunction with our ASP (Application Service Provider) offering, giving you total control of your business wherever you may be, and has future enhancement features including Google Map Integration and online ordering. It does not matter whether the merchant might be a small rural diner, or a world-famous franchise location in any major city… Sintel Restaurant software is the universal solution for all Frozen Yogurt businesses.
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