Halal Guys Is Coming to California!

halal guysThe famous New York food cart is coming to the west coast. Started as a single cart in 1990, Halal Guys has begun building a franchise. Serving the tastiest middle eastern cuisine, many of their iconic carts are still functioning on the streets of New York.
Patrons cannot seems to get enough of their delicious meats served over rice with Halal Guys trademark white or red sauces.
A recently signed contract has fifty franchises in the works for Southern California. Five of which will be open by the end of 2015. The first one, in Costa Mesa, California, is confirmed to open in August at 3033 Bristol Street.
Other stores in Texas, Washington D.C, the Philippines, and Malaysia are also in the works. California will be the first to see Halal Guys but they will be going international very soon.
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