Gift & Loyalty Card: Benefits versus Liabilities

The use of gift and loyalty cards have countless benefit and you can read more about them here: Benefits of Registering Gift Cards With Customer Information
Mobile App copyMarketing your gift cards during the year and in special seasons (i.e. Christmas, Valentines, etc.) is a very good source of revenue, but with it comes much responsibility and if the proper protection is not provided, then the troubles could surpass the benefits quickly.  This is exactly why Sintel Systems has created the FlexGift system that not only offers a wide array of benefits, but also offers great protection and mobile application where customers can register their cards on their smart devices.
Let’s start with some principles of gift and loyalty card. When a customer purchases a gift card, technically that is a liability to the store owner until the gift card is redeemed.  Also, when a customer earns rewards points on the loyalty card system, it establishes a contractual agreement that the store owner is legally bound to. It is also the store owner’s responsibility to maintain the data on the gift cards/loyalty program and fulfill the obligation without delay. So, here is an example:
Let’s say that the gift and loyalty data is maintained on  the POS system (or a spreadsheet) in a store and the data is lost due to 1) theft, 2) fire, 3) natural disaster, 4) power surge, or 5) simple computer crash. Who is responsible to the customers who had gift cards and loyalty points? It is common knowledge that computer manufacturer (i.e.Dell Computers), hardware maker (i.e. Intel, SanDisk) and point of sale (POS) companies do not carry any responsibility for loss of data. It is the explicit responsibility of the owner to ensure that the data is always protected. The damage (reputation and legal) a store owner can face if he looses all the data can be irreparable.  Each customer can claim a high amount of balance on their gift and loyalty cards making the issue much bigger. One mishap can start an avalanche that can make bury an operation overnight.
The good news is that Sintel Systems has helped build a secure network that ensures that any store’s gift/loyalty information is always stored at two locations (local and remote) at the same time. Owners can log into our systems and pull up customers anytime they want. In case of a mishap and data loss, the data is stores safely. This same system also lets the sharing of cards across stores and is a great tool used in expansion and franchising efforts.
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