Kitchens of the Future: Dishcraft's Robotic Dish Cleaning System

Recently a robotics startup company called Dishcraft announced that they’ve created the first automated dish room. The setup relies on AI, robotics and machine learning to clean.
Commercial kitchens deal with high turnover on a regular basis and generally the quickest position to turn over is dishwasher. It’s a hot, strenuous, stressful and repetitive job with long hours and limited job upward mobility. Previously we discussed the shortage of restaurant industry workers and how McDonald’s, Walmart and other companies were trying different tactics to retain workers.
Dishcraft’s mission is to use robotics to improve how people work. Dishcraft’s dishwashing system reduces the number of people need to staff a dish room while making the role safer and with less ergonomic strain. The tech also uses energy-efficient cleaning mechanisms, resulting in more sustainable, environmentally-friendly operations.
The Dishcraft solution starts with diners dropping off the dishes in stacks. Then, the dishes are loaded into the robotic system. Dishes are cleaned individually by a custom, engineered energy-efficient and water-conserving scrubber. Each dish is examined after cleaning using computer vision, and if it does not meet standards, it is automatically cleaned again before it is put back into circulation.
Why is an automated dish washing system important? How is this tied to point of sales systems? Technological disruption is occurring in all facets of the restaurant industry. Though new, an automatic dish washing system heralds the future of certain restaurant jobs changing or being phased out. It will be interesting to see the level of increased efficiency and what the average commercial kitchen looks like in a few years.
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