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At one point Starbucks was opening 8 new stores a day worldwide. Coffee was the newest craze and everyone had to have their ice mocha latte or else the day would not go right. All stores pretty much looked the same, having identical fixtures, furniture, and of course coffee. Click Here to See Coffee Shop POS Systems

Franchise POS for Frozen Yogurt
Franchise POS for Frozen Yogurt

Since franchises are all built under the same blue print template, the Point of Sale Systems and the Surveillance Security Camera Systems were also identical. This allowed corporate to be able to control all aspects of the store including sales and security.
The latest fad following the original Pinkberry seems to be Frozen Yogurt. With new independent shops opening nationwide especially in year around warm locations such as Southern California. Since the 2004 Sintel Systems has been providing POS for the retail, food service, and produce industries. In 2007 we launched our Frozen Yogurt POS package complete with ounce scale.
Yogurt With A Twist | Santa Clarita Self-Service Frozen Yogurt POS System
Yogurt With A Twist | Santa Clarita Self-Service Frozen Yogurt POS System Click for Coupon

Yogurt With A Twist is a perfect example of a Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Shop with a Point of Sale Systems using a Scale.   Customers create their own Frozen Yogurt and add as many toppings as they desire.   Since the product is sold by the ounce, the customer can control the value of the product.  IT is also the most efficient way for the customer, because they get exactly the portion they believe is correct for them.  Customer are simply not limited by small, medium, large sizes or limited toppings amount per order.
4 Cameras Surveillance System | 7 Retractable Built-In LCD | Installation Kit Included
4 Cameras Surveillance System | 7″ Retractable Built-In LCD | Installation Kit Included

SURVEILLANCE:  The Surveillance System consists of a 4 Camera Package covering the front and back prep area. It is important to note the role surveillance plays in a Frozen Yogurt StoreYogurt With A Twist uses CCTV to protect their most valuable assets: Frozen Yogurt Machines.  Since it is the customer pouring the frozen yogurt, it is important to cover such areas as a deterrent.
Active Cultures Frozen Yogurt is our example of a full service frozen yogurt store.  Here the process is different then the weighted method.  Full Service frozen yogurt requires a traditional menu with pre-designed frozen yogurt products.  Surveillance is more preventive in regards to employee behavior rather then customer.  Since the employee is the person creating the product, it is important to make sure that all products are created in according to the recipe provided.  Extending topping portions can become instant lose in sales due to shrinkage.
Active Cultures Frozen Yogurt | Studio City Full-Service Frozen Yogurt Click to Visit Website
Active Cultures Frozen Yogurt | Studio City Full-Service Frozen Yogurt Click to Visit Website

At Active Cultures Frozen Yogurt located close to Universal Studios the Point of Sale Systems is integrated with a Label Maker. Here the customer orders their desired frozen yogurt product and it is punched in the system first.  Once the item is paid for, a label is printed and posted on the frozen yogurt cup.  Labels are printed with customer and order information for the frozen yogurt artist to creates the desired product for the customer off the label.

Franchising Frozen Yogurt Stores

Sintel System can accommodate your POS & Surveillance needs making sure all stores receive proper equipment and security coverage.  Whether opening 5 stores or 500 we are here to grow with you.  Our Enterprise Solutions Team can deliver, install, train, and provide technical support for all stores nationwide and world wide.  In our next blog we will be discussing how Sintel Systems can accommodate the work of 7 Vendors making it easy and more affordable for the franchise.  We offer services such as: POS, Surveillance, Network Solutions, Telephone, Audio, Video, & Alarm.

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