Bookstore POS | Why A Bookstore needs Point of Sale

Books are not the only products found at a Bookstore. Inventory can range from staples to arts supplies, and much more. ISBN numbers track books while barcodes identify other products. School bookstores tend to also carry gift such as sweaters, hats, and stuffed animals.

Complete Bookstore Point of Sale System.  Click for System Details.
Complete Bookstore Point of Sale System. Click for System Details.

The Bookstore POS System can help you manage all books and search them by ISBN numbers (serial or SKU number). Keeping inventory of the thousands of books in your bookstore is just got a whole lot easier with Sintel Systems bookstore POS system. The comprehensive inventory data files can carry critical characteristic information and history.
Schools need to replenish according to expected student class participation during each session. The bookstore POS system can provide historical data which can better predict the inventory needs in the future. Stop under stocking, stop over stocking, and prevent shrinkage by knowing what you have.
Built in Time Clock Manager helps bookstore owners manage employee payroll. In addition it allows for thorough tracking of employee activity on the bookstore POS terminal. Deduct break and lunch time with accurate time management included free with the retail POS software.

Professional Edition Features:

CCS Professional Retail Edition is intended for bookstores wanting to use the POS for more then just managing transactions.  It includes features such as Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards, Inventory Control, and much more.  See Product matrix for details. This works great with students who can really use the discounts.  Gift Cards are also great because parents can give them to their children knowing they will be spent for its intended use.  Gift Cards Modules typically charge a fee for processing, but this feature is included in our professional POS software.  Inventory Control features allow for periodic reconciliation of inventory.  Create shelf tags and labels for the retail showroom and individual product tags when necessary.

Complete Coffee Shop POS for under $2,000
Complete Coffee Shop POS for under $2,000

Enterprise Edition Features:

CCS Enterprise Retail Edition main users are bookstores with coffee shops.  The Enterprise Edition allows for both retail and restaurant versions to run under one database.  The Coffee Shop POS terminal would consists of a touch menu interface whereas the Bookstore POS terminal would have a retail scan interface with touch screen (optional).  The end of the day reports would include both terminals with individual details. Enterprise Customers are custom designed POS system.  Call (888) Sintel-6 to speak to a POS Professional and learn how you can manage your business using Enterprise Solutions.yee payroll all with one system.