Frozen Yogurt Chills, Innovates Its Way Back

frozenyogurt2Stronger than ever, frozen yogurt has staged a comeback in 2013, according to “Frozen Yogurt Industry Analysis 2013 – Cost & Trends” report by franchise industry observer
“Although the popularity of the frozen yogurt franchise industry suffered a decline in the late 1990s, the category has been making a colossal comeback in the last decade, with a new generation of flavors, toppings, and store settings leading the charge,” franchiseHELP said. “With this new wave of frozen yogurt franchises blossoming, new franchisees will find that this industry is nowhere near its freezing point.”
The post asserts that the froyo market is “back on track” and “more popular than ever before” since the era between 1998 and 2003, when retail sales of frozen yogurt fell, while ice cream sales grew by 24% (figures from the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center).
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The analysis highlights the trends most responsible for the froyo turnaround:
Innovative flavors and toppings. The new frozen yogurt is “tangier, more tart and lighter” than older styles that mimic ice cream, and creative foodie flavors appeal to a new demographic.
Market versatility and innovation. Including the trend in self-serve, “which results in significantly lower labor costs when compared to most food franchises.”
“Chill” store settings. Modern stores with amenities such as “high-end, WiFi, flat-screen televisions, and live musical performances” allow owners to raise prices … without taking a hit on their rate of customer return.”
The analysis “serves up” the different flavors of frozen yogurt franchises for consumers, and potential franchisees, to consider:
Soft-Serve is typically plainer and tarter, and allows for more experimentation with toppings “without being overwhelmed by the sweetness of the yogurt.”
Hand-Scooped is a “healthier twist” to the ice cream parlor concept that allows more creativity in combining flavors.
Cakes and Pies filled with frozen yogurt are a healthier alternative for birthdays and holidays.
Smoothies. Vitamin- or protein-enriched, simply blending in fresh fruit and juice to the soft-serve yogurt already sold in the store.
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