For the Love of Ice CREAM Dream: Neighbors Rival on Telegraph Ave.

While frozen yogurt has been exploding across the globe, there has been an ice cream war brewing in the Northern California University city of Berkeley.
Just south of the university is Telegraph Ave, the center of Berkeley campus and community life, home to restaurants, bookstores, clothing shops and street vendors. In 2010 the Sahmieh brothers Jimmy and Gus headed to open the first CREAM (Cookies Rule Everything Around Me) ice cream shop there on Telegraph Ave. The quaint and inviting corner shop has become a success in the community for their undeniably delectable and delicious all natural ice cream sandwiches made only with freshly baked cookies from Mrs. Shamieh’s secret recipe. With its popularity, constant lines travel out the door and down the block. It is no wonder they have started to franchise and still continue to branch out.
Just a hop and skip across the very same street is the longer established Rasputin’s Music, founded back in 1971. In attempts to boost sales after reporting a 75 percent drop, Berkeley entrepreneur and owner Ken Sarachan submitted the Dream project to start selling a line of healthier and organic ice cream products inside and through a take-out window alongside Rasputin Music. He wanted some of the inspiration for flavors to come from produce from his own organic farm.
However, co-owner Gus Shamieh of CREAM had some civilian concerns to address about the possible extra foot traffic along their opposing crosswalks.
“This is not an issue about competition,” Shamieh said. “This is an issue about safeguarding the right of ADA persons to freely and safely access the side walk. This is about protecting bicyclists and motorists from potentially hazardous situations.”
Regardless of the real issue at hand, both businesses want to sell frozen treats backed by a strong product idea. CREAM desires to make proprietary ice cream and freshly baked cookies and Rasputin’s Dream desires to give people the option of something truly organic.
To read more about the outcome of the case go here.
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