The Fastest Growing Restaurants in the US

Recently we discussed how Chick-fil-A is now the 3rd-largest restaurant chain in America, according to the Nation’s Restaurant News analysis published in June. However, we thought we should mention some of the fastest growing restaurant chains in America, many of which also appeared on the list, but due to their current size of the chain are not in the top 20. These eateries don’t (yet!) have tons of locations, in fact you may not have heard of some of them if they aren’t in your area. But these eateries are quickly growing and in some cases perform better than McDonald’s when it comes to annual sales per the number of locations.
Tropical Smoothie Cafe
This fast casual cafe sells fruit-filled smoothies and diverse entrees including a Cuban sandwich and a Santa Fe chicken quesadilla. For 2018 Tropical Smoothie Cafe ranked 107 with $393 million in Total sales. In 2019 they jumped 8 spaces to rank 95 with total sales of $472.6 million.
Shake Shack
Elevating the classic burger and milkshake combo, for 2018  QSR Shake Shack ranked 117 with $367.3 million in sales. Sales grew by 32.5 percent in the past year, making it the third fastest-growing restaurant chain. Currently, Shake Shack ranks 97 with total sales of $467.6 million.
Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
In 2017 this burger joint restaurant ranked as No. 119 on the Nation’s Restaurant News Top 200 ranking with $340.50 million in system wide sales across the U.S. at the end of 2016 fiscal year. That number grew 20.7 percent to get to $411 million in  U.S. sales at the end of the 2017 fiscal year, which earned Freddy’s the 103. spot. Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers is continuing to grow rapidly.  In June 2019 it ranked 94 on NRR’s list with $474.7 million. The company now has 300 restaurants across 31 states. Also in June 2019, the chain just opened in first international store in Dubai.
MOD Pizza
This fast casual custom pizza chain was founded in 2008 in Seattle, Washington and has been a customer favorite from the start. Mod Pizza ranked 141 on NNR’s list in 2018 with $270.0 million in sales. For 2019, Mod ranked 114 on the list with total sales of $390.7 million. That’s a massive 44.7% sales growth.
Blaze Pizza
Earning the spot as the second fastest-growing restaurant chain in the U.S. is Blaze Pizza, a made to order fast casual pizzeria. For 2018, Blaze ranked 139 with total sales of $279.0 million. In 2019, Blaze jumped to 133. with total sales of $326.6 million.
First Watch
This restaurant has become the go-to spot for brunch in various cities since it opened in 1983. For 2018 First Watch ranked 134 with $302.1 million in sales. For 2019 First Watch was ranked 110 with total sales of $403.1 million.
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