Fast Food Drive-thru Wait Times Continue to Slow

Fast Food Drive-thru Wait Times Continue to Slow Point of Sale articleBloated menus, demand for higher quality ingredients, and customization has led to a increase in average drive-thru wait times. QSR Magazine annual study of drive-thru orders noted average wait time was around 222 seconds compared to the previous year of 203.29 seconds. The decline in productivity is “pretty significant” according to QSR.
Drive-thru times have increased greatly since QSR’s  study in 2011-2013.
The magazine’s 2015 case study included data from over 29 chains, 1,882 visits at 890 different locations.
Accuracy had also increased. In comparison to the previous year at 87.2%, order accuracy increased to an average of 88.8%.
Drive-thru windows present operators with both opportunity and risks.

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