Drive Thru POS: Sintel System's Continues to Innovate it

Sintel Systems, the global industry leader in omni channel point of sale (POS) solutions has done it again! Sintel is soon to release the next generation of its innovative hand held drive thru POS devices specifically created for fast food restaurants. These advanced terminals are designed to further increase the productivity and accuracy of busy quick service restaurants (QSR) with bustling drive thru operations through rapid wireless ordering that promotes face-to-face employee customer interaction.
Patrons to drive thru have likely interacted with the previous generation of Sintel’s hand held and table solutions, but our next generation POS systems in addition to being able to accept chip cards also have the ability to accept payment such as MasterCard PayPass, Visa PayWave, TQM, CE, ROHS, UnionPay, Alipay and WeChat pay.
Watch the NextGen Drive Thru POS here:

Sintel’s new hand held digital device weighs only slightly more than the average smart phone. The sleek 5.5 inch full color touch screen is responsive and user friendly. The software featured on the mobile apparatus is intuitive and most employees are ready to use it after a brief training session. An EMV-card reader, contactless card reader and magnetic swipe card reader efficiently accept payment. A high speed thermal paper printer allows employees to provide customers with receipts on the spot. The barcode scanner on the back allows employees to easily link customer loyalty cards or discounts to an order. The terminal can be quickly charged via USB port and features a volume control setting.
The new mobile terminals are just another addition to Sintel’s complete omni-channel solutions such as the Direct-to-POS online ordering platform. This system allows restaurants of all sorts to have a custom, secure website and mobile app to support customer ability for placing orders on the go. Using our omni channel approach customers can order with an employee using a hand held device at busy drive thrus, order from a kiosk, order from their phone or order from a computer. If they prefer, they can even order inside the restaurant from staff at the counter. All transaction from devices are seamlessly sent to the kitchen display system (KDS). Kitchen staff stays completely in the know of customer orders and what order to cook them in. That’s the goal of omni channel POS, service is provided to the customer where they want it, how they want it.
This latest innovation exhibits Sintel Systems deep understanding of the vital role the drive-thru plays in fast food restaurants. In recent years, drive-thru sales have continued to grow even with the advent of digital ordering. It’s official, we’d prefer to stay in our cars when visiting fast food restaurants.  Nearly 70% of fast food giant McDonald’s business occurs via drive-thru. For popular fried chicken restaurant Chick-Fil-A its 60% with one of the highest satisfaction rates due in part to their drive thru POS configuration.  In fact, Chick-Fil-A deems drive-thru business so important that they spend a significant amount of time and money studying it at their Atlanta headquarters. Some restaurants have remodeled to add or installed a double drive thru for new franchise developments.
What continues to drive forward Sintel Systems development is its clear mandate to be partners with every client. Sintel Systems is focused on the current and future needs of the quick serve industry to ensure that the industry is equipped with the most effective POS solutions, no matter how the market evolves.  This commitment is what makes Sintel the true single-source and direct omni-channel POS solution leader. Read more about True Omni Channel POS here.
Will your business be ready when the customers come?