Donuts Delivered!

Dropping Donuts

Despite current drops in shares, Dunkin Donuts are committed to the future of the brand by implementing cutting edge technology and offering delivery and curb-side pick-up for their customers.

On Thursday CEO Nigel Travis said:

“I think the holy grail in the next few years … is going to be delivery. And that’s going to be a global trend, not a trend just here in the U.S.”

Travis said delivery will be the dominant trend in coming years because of the changing nature of consumer demand. “The whole industry is under some pressure from changing demand,” he said. “Consumers are demanding it instantly, they want it delivered, they’re pressured for time.”

Dunkin’ Donuts’ launched their mobile app in 2012, and had over 5 million members by 2016. Baskin Robbins app was last year. On their plan to introduce curbside pickup, Travis remarked, “We are giving the consumer everything they’re looking for.”

Sintel Systems


Sintel Systems has been giving their consumers everything they’re looking for since day one. As the only single-source and direct provider of complete POS systems (including online ordering) to the restaurant, bakery, coffee and frozen yogurt industries, our aim is to take of all POS needs, so owners, managers and IT professionals can focus on their other responsibilities.

We provide top-grade hardware, professional software, all-inclusive technical support, warranty, global gift and loyalty network with mobile app, cloud services and embedded merchant account services.  To learn more about Sintel Systems, click here or contact us today.

The following is a demo of Sintel Systems made to order doughnut (donut) shop operations that allow customers to make their own doughnuts with various glaze and topping options.