California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Sintel System Restaurant POS SoftwareIf you are opening a restaurant or bar, along with thinking about your point of sale (POS) system months before opening, you must also prepare for filling a permit to be able to serve alcoholic beverages. Each state varies on the process, but the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC), enacted in 1955, is the overseeing and regulatory agency on the distribution of alcohol permits among Californian businesses.
Generally, the process to procure a permit lasts anywhere from three months to six months. During which time applicants submit an application, pay a registration fee, undergo an investigation, and are accountable to uphold certain duties. Amidst submitting a petition at a your local ABC district office the fee, depending on what license you are applying for, is due. Required by law, the investigation is a routine background check on the applicant and premise on which alcohol will be sold.  The person applying must post a Public Notice of Application, send notices to all person in a 500 foot radius, or obtain zoning permits from the local planning department. If no protest by an individual or red flags in the background check arise, you should be on your way to selling alcohol at your restaurant or bar. Therefore, plan accordingly as this process make take some time.
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