Business Tips One Step at a Time: Engage Your Employees

A highlighted business tip from an EKS&H article:

No 1: Stay Engaged With Your Employees

As a leader in your business, you must provide employees with a sense of stability and confidence during times of economic unrest. Let them know that you are in control of the situation, and be a force for optimism. When job markets are good, employees have an increased sense of privilege, and productivity suffers. At the other end of the spectrum, when job markets suffer and fear takes over a company culture, productivity suffers as well. It is a leader’s responsibility to manage the balance between too little anxiety and too much.
Remember that you are the force which moves your team and your company. Team meetings, weekly review schedules, note taking and accounting all play an important role in keeping up to date with your employees. As the leader of your business you must draw the big picture for your employees to see their purpose and position within the company. It takes a village to run a successful business, we cannot weather this system alone. It’s easy for people to forget why they are taking orders for customers or answering phone calls all day. Work should not be about how many hours you clock in but the reason behind your hours spent at the work place.
When you can make your employees understand their part in the big picture, it will become easier to see why they have been given that job and what purpose it fulfills.
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