Best Point of Sale Hardware with Software by Sintel Systems

Sintel Systems is Direct & One-Stop offering from a single source of responsibility and components of the best point of sale system:
1. Top-Grade Hardware
2. Professional & Enterprise Software
3. All-inclusive POSupport
4. Rapid Replacement Warranty
5. Global Gift/Loyalty Network
6. Embedded Merchant Account Processing
Sintel Systems best Point of Sale hardware comes equipped with the top software to meet your business needs. We serve to clients across five continents including Africa, Asia, Latin America (Central/South America), North America, and Oceania. In addition, our vast portfolio of software is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. As a result, our highly specialized team is globally recognized for our top-grade designer hardware. Hence, including its i-series POS terminals, local and/or cloud based professional POS software, premier U.S. based POSupport(R) all-inclusive support & maintenance program, rapid warranty plan, integrated direct merchant account processing, and global gift/loyalty card program.
Sintel Systems is the only direct and single-source point of sale provider to the restaurant industry with top grade hardware, franchise enterprise software, all inclusive technical support, global gift/loyalty network with mobile app, replacement warranty, and embedded merchant services. Sintel Systems is one of the best systems that block hackers from breaching into your POS system and the most reliable software with backup cloud options. As a single source for business solutions, our experienced, knowledgeable team negotiates the complex POS landscape for you to enable you to find the right POS system for your business and budget. Hardware – Software – Support