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There are many reasons why frozen yogurt, produce, and bakery stores rely on point of sale (POS) systems for their operations, but compliance with the regulatory environment has once again take stage. NTEP requirements have been highlighted as States across the United States have begun operations to ensure that stores involved in the sale of weighted products are certified. Unfortunately as was the case earlier this morning from a retailer from Maryland, all POS systems are not created equal. Failure to comply with NTEP certification rage from warring to heavy fines and eventual closures.
NTEP-Frozen-Yogurt-Point-of-Sale-Sintel-SystemsHere  is an excerpt from Alabama’s Center for Profitable Agriculture (CPA Info #166) “Scales must conform to National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) standards. Scales that comply with NTEP guidelines typically will be marked with the NTEP logo and the associated accuracy class…Scales must also comply with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Handbook 44 (H44) which mandates tolerances, specifications and other technical requirements for all weighing and measuring devices. Both NTEP and H44 requirements are national standards utilized by the vast majority of all states.”
The National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) is responsible for issuing NTEP certification upon successful completion of a prescribed evaluation process. The non-profit organization is tasked with the development of uniform weights and measures standards. It regulatory mission is the regulation of technical standards for weights and measures.Sintel-Systems-Hardware-Model-5i-www.SintelSystems.com
If you need NTEP help with your current POS system or scale today, Sintel Systems can help. We are the leading provider of NTEP certified POS systems to the frozen yogurt, produce and bakery stores.
About Sintel Systems: The company offers a variety of NTEP certified tailored Point of Sale solutions including tablet (iPad) and mobile POS systems focused on retail, restaurant and service industries, including frozen yogurt shopspizzerias, bakery, restaurantscafés and retail stores.
Let our experienced and knowledgeable team meet your demands for a single source for business solutions. Sintel Systems will help navigate the complex POS landscape and to enable end users to find the right POS system for your business and budget. Hardware – Software – Support

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