Why is Support mandatory with Sintel Systems Point of Sale?

Why is technical support included as part of your POS purchase? The better questions is, why not? Sintel Systems Support Plans are given to customers completely Risk Free! Technical support is an essential part of the POS system and in necessary to fully understand and learn the system. By including support with all of our systems, we ensure that the customer will be able to take full advantage of the many features and functions of the point of sale system. By fully utilizing all of the benefits of your POS System, you increase the chances of long term success by maximizing efficiency and taking the headache out of most daily business tasks. Technical support benefits include training for existing and future staff. Sintel Systems wants to ensure that every customer learns how to use their system optimally and avoid cases of utilized POS systems. Technical support also provides support when a customer requires it throughout the business day.
By giving customers access to our POS Tech line, we make sure that the line at your store is always moving and that you do not experience any snags along the way. Furthermore, software upgrades are also included as part of technical support and are essential to maintaining an up-to-date POS system which include guarding the system from outside attacks which change on a daily basis. New software upgrades are a great way to increase the value your POS System adds to your business as a whole. By capitalizing on efficiency, ease of use, and powerful new features, software upgrades are a major benefit Sintel Systems offers its support plan customers.
Technical support is part of the POS service provided by Sintel Systems and must be purchased with the POS system unless approved otherwise in writing. All packages include a 30 day grace period for technical support offering the customer the opportunity to experience technical support and is refundable if the customer contact Sintel Systems 30 days or less than the receipt of the point-of-sale systems and requests a cancellation. The grace period does not apply to franchise customers who must purchase and maintain Technical Support for many reason including required system upgrades which require technical support to maintain a franchise-wide uniform system.
Benefits of Technical Support
1. Access to Technical Support Line!POS-Technical-Support-Sintel-Systems-855-POS-SALE-www.SintelSystesm.com
2. Software Upgrades As They Become Available!
3. Employee Training, For New & Old Employees!
4. Easy Warranty Exchanges
5. Full Support for Hardware, Software, and Credit Card Processing! Only 1 Phone Number to Remember!
All customers must purchase Technical Support Service to receive service. Support is offered via email or phone. Support Plans include remote access that allows Sintel Systems to access the POS System to provide support related services. Standard support is offered 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm PST. Broadband Internet connection is required for Technical Support Troubleshooting which will allow for faster response and service time. Support is only offered for products and services purchased from Sintel Systems . Technical Support does not cover cabling issues, network related issues, third party peripheral support & third party credit card processing support. Visit our technical support page for additional information.

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