Why Do I Need Tech Support?

Our society is constantly making technological advancements, so much so that our daily lives revolve around the use of numerous advanced electronic devices. With the rise of these high tech solutions we are also starting to see its resulting side effects. With so many new devices, menus, configurations, ports, cables, and options it can become a headache to deal with new technology.
While it is clear the advantages that these technological solutions provide our society, it would all be pointless if we didn’t know how to properly use them. This is where having a good tech support team comes in handy. Sintel Systems is a leading Point of Sale (POS) provider for restaurants and retail businesses with a strong focus on support. All of our POS systems include access to your team of technical support agents who are just a phone call away from assisting you with any of your POS related questions or conferences.


Here are the Top 5 Reasons why a POS System needs a Technical Support Plan:

1. Access to Technical Support Hotline & Online Ticketing System to solve issues & answer questions
2. Hassle Free Warranty Exchanges
3. Free Software Upgrades as they become available
4. Peace of Mind knowing you have a team of experts backing you up
5. POS Systems is like a computer & needs maintenance just like a PC.
POS-Technical-Support-Sintel-Systems-855-POS-SALE-www.SintelSystesm.comA Technical Support plan should be one of the key criteria when shopping for a POS system for your business. Sintel Systems specializes in providing excellent support to all of our customers and is focused on making the experience as easy and pain-free as possible for you. Give us a call today to speak with a POS specialist who can help answer your questions and even set up a free online demo of the software.
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