Where should I eat in San Francisco? Ask the Bay Areas favorite POS provider!

There are many benefits in working in the Point of Sale industry across the Country. Why? Its actually very simple. A good portion of our customers include restaurants, frozen yogurt  shops, pizzerias, gelaterias, etc. Getting the picture, yum:) We get to try some of the best foods and deserts around the country and world (just got back from Germany, Italy, and France) from meeting some of our international customers. So its common we get asked about eating places and San Francisco being such a densely populated City has much to offer. When I think of where to eat in San Francisco,  my mind starts traveling through the different neighborhoods of the City from North Beach to Height and Castro.  Wow I think. San Fran and the the Bay area in general is filled with awesome places to eat.
Our POS customer or not, some of the best food is served in San Francisco. The City is perfect for those not seeking large chain or franchise operations. For the size of the City, it is defiantly  {and yes I do mean defiant and not definite} full of single location restaurants run by families for generations. This is part of the charm of San Francisco. So here is my advice, instead of asking where you should eat, start by deciding which neighborhood you would like to eat in. The take a couple of hours and enjoy the neighborhood. Sit at the restaurant, pizzeria, coffee shop, or gelateria that looks inviting. You won’t be disappointed. While you are there, check out to see if they have a POS system from us.
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