When should I buy my Point of Sale system for my Halloween or seasonal store?

Who is really thinking of Halloween or even Christmas in the middle of July? Specially if you live in the parts of the Globe experiencing hot summers, the the last thing on your mind is October 31 when it is typically much cooler. But if you are planning on running a Halloween store, then you are probably looking into the various matters including finding a location to rent temporarily and communicating with wholesalers for supplies. Most Halloween stores start opening in the middle of September and all of them are open by October 1.
Getting a POS system for your Halloween store involves the following steps.

  1. 1. Contact Sintel Systems.
  2. 2. Decide if you prefer to rent or purchase your POS system and place your order.
  3. 3. Complete you merchant account application to accept credit cards. Also consider if you would like get Gift Cards.
  4. 4. Decide if you prefer your inventory pre-entered or to do your inventory input onsite.
  5. 5. Receive your easy to install POS system. See installation Video here.
  6. 6. Contact us for training for yourself and employees. We will also be providing support the entire time. We also have many training videos you can watch anytime.

It is wise to have the entire process completed no later that one week before opening. If you are entering the Halloween inventory yourself and depending on 1) how many unique items and 2) what percentage of the products have bar coding, you should allow a few days for inventory input. This is unless you can dedicate an entire day with a few staff members to complete the process.
So lets assume you plan on opening September 15, then you should contact us as soon as possible and place the order by the middle of August to avoid any rush charges. Plan ahead for your Halloween Store and don’t be spooked at the last moment.
Questions or comments. Contact our friendly technical staff. We don’t have a Sales force, so give us a call. Please follow this link to our Halloween Point of Sale Rental Package.
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