What is the most important part of your restaurant?

Restaurants have been around for thousands of years, but the technology of better oversight and control was not around until recently. What started as a cash drawer millennia ago has turned into a restaurant point of sale system now.  However, if you are using or select to use the wrong POS system, you will not get what you need out of the POS systems and might as well use a cash drawer.
Sintel Systems is not only a point of sale provider but also a provider of technical support and service. This is the main reason the hardware components used in our point of sale systems are not from China, made from cheap materials, due to the fact that we are committed to maintaining and supporting every product we sell.
The software integrated into the Sintel Systems Restaurant POS system through our point of sale systems are easy to use but have all the essential functions necessary to process transactions along with multiple reports. The software is capable of being utilized from fine dining restaurants to self-serve establishments.
We believe that the technical support and service we provide will pay for itself without you knowing it since we work on your system while your business closed by doing routine maintenance and software upgrades when available. With an active Technical Support Plan, our customers receive free shipping on all supplies, free software upgrades with new version benefits, free upgrade installation and service, free shipping on all items for franchise or multi-store operation, and free troubleshooting on warranty products along with 24 hour turnaround on equipment replacement with the option of Rapid Replacement.
With the capability of our restaurant point of sale systems being able to be utilized for multi-store operations, it brings the franchise owners mind to ease since they will be able to centralize all of their information from sales to gift cards that can be used at all locations.
Sintel Systems is a quality provider point of sale systems to all restaurant establishments. You can see our videos on our POS systems in English & Spanish.
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