What is the best way to add Menu items in RestaurantPOS for a frozen yogurt store?

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For A Full Color Guide on How To Add Menu Items Using RestaurantPOS, click the link below.
Adding A Menu Item

This section will show you how to add a new menu item.
To make changes to an existing menu, please refer to “Making Changes to a Menu Item”
To DEFINE an item, follow steps 1 through 7; to PLACE an item, follow steps 8 through 10

Step 1
Open Operation Management from your desktop.
Use your manager’s code to login to the system.
If this is your first
time logging in, the
default code is 9999

Step 2
Click on the tab labeled Menu and select Menu Category from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Fill in the Category name box and click the Save button
This label is important as it is used to itemize your cash-out reports
Step 4
When finished adding all of your categories, click the Close button.

Step 5
Click on the tab labeled Menu and select Menu Management from the drop-down menu.

Step 6
Choose the appropriate Menu Category, fill in Menu Name, and Price fields and mark applicable items with appropriate Tax option.

Only fields in red are required.

Note: “Sell by Weight” option for items sold by weight using a scale. (If so equipped)
The “Open Price” option is for miscellaneous or un-priced items.
Step 7

A) Click the Save button.

B) Click Yes and Ok for confirmation.

C) Click the Close button.

Step 8
Click the Basic Setting pull down menu, choose POS Screen Layout from the list and select POS Menu Button Manager.

Step 9
A)    Choose location for menu group in any unused box under Menu Group
B)     Fill in the box labeled POS Menu and click the Save button.

D)    Click Yes for confirmation.

Step 10
A)    Under Menu Group, select the desired category.
B)     Under Menu List, select the desired category.
C)    Under Menu Name, select the desired item.
D)    Click, hold, and drag the item to desired location under POS Menu.
E)     Click the Save button, and then click the Close button.

Note: You must click Save before adding a new or selecting another menu group.