What are the new trends in the Pizza Market? Mobile & Food Truck

Are you thinking about starting your own Pizza business but don’t know what the new trends in the industry are? Maybe you have dreams of starting the next pizza franchise? Well, we here at Sintel Systems incubate franchises by always staying on top of the Pizza industry. This is one more reason why we are the best pizza POS provider and are www.BestPizzaPOS.com. The number one question we are frequently asked by new customers is “What makes Sintel Systems the best pizza POS?” Answer is service and accountability. If your customers call you the best and you claim to be the best, you better stand up to your name and at Sintel Systems that is what we do.
We attended the 2013 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas where we allowed glimpses of the coolest and most stylish POS system to hit the market since the roaring 20s offered indulgence in golden  cash registers. Then we were invited to the 2013 Food Truck Business Expo in Los Angeles where we offered our long standing expertise on mobile and food truck POS systems (please see our interview video below):

Our ongoing experience proved that once again Sintel Systems is always at the leading edge of market trends. At the shows not only did we enjoy some fan-ta-bulously delicious pizza, but we also established that the hot new trend is Pizza on wheels.
Pizza trucks and trailer-based wood-fired-oven operations have blossomed in the last year. Not only is this a cool concept, but since they are mobile, instead of waiting for the crowd, they themselves go to the crowds. They’ve been seen at weekend festivals, local farmers’ markets, beaches, birthday parties, etc. Some even have contracts with neighborhoods and visit every weekend. TJ’s Wood fire Pizza for example is at the Irvine Spectrum Park & Village apartments every Sunday. Some other Mobile Pizza Units are Valentino’s Pizza and Company 77 Fire Pizza truck in Irvine, Ca, and Rolling Fire in Seattle, WA. Even Chicago’s famous Pizzeria Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza now has a pizza truck (Yummmm!). So from LA to San Francisco to the US birth place of pizza Chicago and New York, pizza trucks are growing.
Food-Truck-POS-Point-of-Sale-855-POS-SALEFranchises and amateurs alike should always stay on top of their industry’s trending market as to not fall behind their competitors. At Sintel Systems we will help you stay on top of your fast moving industry by fully support your point of sale needs. Sintel Systems offers durable fanless food truck POS systems with solid state drives (SSD) and out of the box, plug-n-play (or plug-n-work) countertop and wall mountable systems along with software, patch management, maintenance, and help desk support making your food truck’s Point of Sales (POS) decision making easy.
Sintel Systems is a leading provider of high-quality professional business automation solutions for all types of POS and inventory management needs. Sintel Systems has a wide range of POS systems that can meet any business needs with specific software, such as Pizza Point of Sale, Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale (with gram scale), Restaurant Point of Sale, Retail Point of Sale, etc. Additionally, we have extensive experience with wide array of networking options that allow us to deliver turnkey solutions. Our focus is aimed towards delivering superior quality of service with a personal touch allowing us to build relation and partnerships with each client.
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