What are the cons and positives of online (SaaS) POS?

We recently submitted the following article and we suggest reading it:
OnlineWhat is the best and cheapest online POS? Is SaaS (online POS) the best option for running my Chicago Pizza Shop or any other business?
Then we got a call from a customer who was interest in a POS system for his Pizzeria in Chicago and asked us, “Don’t online POS systems have any cons?”
As we all know, everything including different types of POS have pros and cons. So, lets discuss the four most commonly mentioned cons and see how it stands against the conventional Point of Sale Systems:

  1. The first and apparent benefit of online POS seems to be access to the system which is correct. However, you can get the same access to your POS system with a POS system from Sintel Systems. The difference is that when you access your POS system, you are actually tapping into the unit instead of trying to access the data somewhere in the Cloud.
  2. The second mentioned benefit is referred to as “improved cash flow.” What does that mean? It means that you don’t have to put a large amount of capital and will pay monthly. There are two problems with that :
    1-What about your hardware. You will still need hardware including cash drawer, printer, bar code scanner, credit/gift card reader, a touch screen, and maybe a scale. Most of the cost of a POS system is in the hardware. And if you do a “mickey mouse job of putting the hardware together, it will cost you much more over the long term.
    2 -The monthly “license fee” for the software is indefinite. So why not just finance your POS and know when your payments end and you own the system.
  3. It is rumored that online systems are easy to use and don’t require installation. All POS systems from Sintel Systems are per-configured. If you are able to take the system out of the box and plug it in, then you can use the POS system within minutes.
  4. Online POS also proudly claims that it will offer any software upgrades for free. If your conventional POS system is connected to the Internet, you get that as well.

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