Tutti Frutti Continues to Work with Sintel Systems

Tutti Frutti, one of the largest frozen yogurt franchise chains, continues Tutti Fruttito work with Sintel Systems as a point of sale provider. Point of Sale terminals can be viewed for Tutti Frutti locations by visiting TuttiFruttiPointofSale.com
Tutti Frutti has been and is currently expanding over seas into markets such as Brazil, Canada, China, Australia, Colombia, New Zealand, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Mexico, and others. With contracts to open dozens of new stores within the next year, Tutti Frutti will continue to dominate the frozen yogurt franchise market. The brand is currently known for having the largest network of frozen yogurt stores in the world and has the largest market of frozen yogurt offerings in many countries.
Tutti Frutti franchisees have partnered up with Sintel Systems to provide them with business solutions for their point of sale needs for their frozen yogurt businesses along with other needs including gift cards, loyalty point programs, and marketing paraphernalia.
Sintel Systems is quality provider point of sale systems to the entire retail and service industries. Its clients include major franchise and chain operations.
Sintel Systems is a quality provider point of sale systems to the frozen yogurt industry and creameries (ice cream, gelato, etc.). You can see our videos on our frozen yogurt POS systems in English & Spanish. Single Source Business Solutions! HardwareSoftware Support
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