Top Advantages of Sintel Systems POS Cloud

Not all Cloud Services are Created Equal

The cloud- most people by now know of it and how it works, by what are the advantages of using it for your business?
Even when it came to the cloud, Sintel Systems stuck with its promise of providing a single-source solution.
1. Back-up
Data in any type of operation, be it restaurant, frozen yogurt or retail, is constantly being synced with the cloud, so in the event of POS failure all data is secure.
2. Centralized Information
Because all data is centralized, it can be accessed and analyzed from anywhere in the world.
Centralized information also makes it easier to support and add multiple locations.
3. Online Ordering
Online ordering is essential in the modern market. If customers can’t order online for pick-up or delivery, they may go somewhere else.
4. Always-on
With an impressive 99.99% up time, data can be accessed day or night- and even when it isn’t, your local system is.
5. Cost effective
Using cloud services allows you to combine several services from one provider. For example, one provider supplying online ordering, gift/loyalty network, software security and updates will likely be much more cost effective than using several providers.
6. Web and Mobile Based Back-Office
7. Security
Sintel Systems’ advanced security protocols for EMV services apply to cloud services too.
8. Streamlined Operation
By providing its clients with its own cloud services, clients can experience genuine integration to miss out all the extra steps that have to be negotiated when using a third party cloud provider- proving once again that Sintel Systems truly is a single-source solution.
Sintel Systems prides itself on being the only single-source and direct provider to the restaurant, frozen yogurt, retail industries, and more. By providing top grade hardware, professional software, replacement warranty, global gift and loyalty networks with mobile app, all-inclusive technical support, embedded PCI/EMV merchant services and online ordering directly synced with POS, Sintel Systems takes care of all POS needs, so you can focus on business. Contact Sintel Systems by web form or call 855-POS-SALE to learn more.