Through Rain or Shine Frozen Yogurt Saves Seattle

By Paige Thor
Frozen yogurt might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think about holding an umbrella to stop the rain from drenching your clothes or trying to stay as warm as possible in the gloomy shower city of Seattle. But change the perspective for just a minute here and all of a sudden there appears to be a frozen yogurt shop just across the street from where you’re standing as you mumble about the rain already sneaking it’s way into the top part of your socks. Suddenly you have an instant urge to seek sweet and easy yogurt salvation in a dry and warm setting just a skip away.
Sure maybe there will be a little bit of a line, but it’s frozen yogurt, the line will move quickly as each person only has to concentrate on perfecting the flavors of just one magically personalized cup. And the great thing is that you weren’t that hungry but you just needed a quick and healthy little snack to brighten your cloudy day and to forget about those soggy socks. Coffee and croissants can’t be the only snack you go to on a rainy day.
Point in being if you’re feeling discouraged about having frozen yogurt in a notoriously depressing city of clouds and rain drops, think first about putting yourself in the shoes of people who have to walk through the rain for days on end. Whether you want to have some fro-yo while you’re living in Seattle or whether you want to open your own shop, there are many reasons why it’s a great idea.
Here are four major self-serve frozen yogurt shops that have had a successful start in the Emerald City and if you ever thought about opening your own shop contact us:
1. Yogurtland
1620 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 860-1386
Expertly located in Capitol Hill right in front of Seattle Central Community College, this Yogurtland location is often packed with college students and other passersby when most of the neighboring businesses remain quiet from the rain. Yogurtland also always has fun little promotional characters such as Hello Kitty or Looney Toons to change up the look on their cups and spoons. Always fun for the kids!
2. Menchie’s
2101 Queen Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 216-1650
You don’t have to settle down in Queen Anne, but it is a neighborhood where you’ll find a lot more families walking around while still being close to the inner city. Menchie’s makes fresh waffles in-store that brings in all those families passing by. They also allow mom and dad to rationally portion how much cereal and yogurt their kids add to their cups!
3. Zoeyogurt
6900 E Green Lake Way N
Ste E
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 829-82705i_package_scale_white
For those who live in the suburbs, Zoeyogurt provides all the essentials to satisfy one’s craving. They even have non-dairy sorbets for friends who want to bring their vegan friends along for a frozen yogurt date too. Local and independent, Zoeyogurt uses 100% compostable serve-ware!
4. Red Mango
600 Pine St
Seattle, WA 98101
Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, Red Mango provides much more than your average weigh out of frozen yogurt and assorted toppings. With skinny sorbettos, parfaits and smoothies you can order just about anything for you and your coworkers cravings without having to go to more than one place.
With the healthy probiotic yogurt movement and the excitement of getting out of the rain for a tasty personalized treat, frozen yogurt can in fact thrive and be enjoyed in even the gloomiest of cities.
Thinking of starting a frozen yogurt store or joining a franchise? Call Sintel Systems, the frozen yogurt franchise experts at 855-POS-SALE and let us help you based on your specific needs and locaiton. Who knows which areas and franchises are doing well other than Sintel Systems? We will give you honest advise because your long term success is directly related to our success. With more frozen yogurt stores opened that and other single-solution POS provider, contact us first. For more information on how to open a frozen yogurt shop go to