The perfect Green Smoothie and perfect juice bar POS system have many things in common.

For those of you who have do not know about Green Regimen from our previous article, please read that first here: Awesome Smoothie? Green Regimen! Best Juice Bar POS? Sintel Systems!
We wanted to really know what makes the perfect green smoothies and who better to ask than founder of Green Regimen Tyshawn Bryant. So here it goes straight from him:
“What makes for the Perfect Green Smoothie? Green Regimen is asked this question quite often. However, we understand that the word “Perfect” is relative to our respective audience. Therefore, Green Regimen always provides inquiring minds with a customizable “Ideal Green Smoothie” recipe. Green Smoothies are among the most delicious and nutritious foods that one can consume. Green Regimen has taken all the guess work out of making the Ideal Green Smoothie. The fusion of fruits and leafy greens has been proven to help in weight loss and also aid in preventing many illnesses such as, Cancer and Diabetes. Yet, not all combinations of fruits and green leaves pair well together. Green Regimen has mastered the Alchemy of Green Smoothie making with easy to follow homemade recipes that all ages can enjoy. Green Regimen always starts its recipes with a liquid. This liquid can be anything from water to aloe juice. Next, Green Regimen adds a “base” to its Green Smoothie. Bananas, apples, and pears often serve as great bases for Green Smoothies because they can offer a pleasant sweetness to the recipe. Fresh or Frozen Fruit is the next ingredient added to this Green Smoothie masterpiece. As you’ll learn from many of Green Regimen’s video recipes, there is little to no nutritional difference between Fresh and Frozen Fruit. No Green Smoothie is complete without, The Green Leaves. These Green Leaves can range from fresh Spinach to uniquely textured, Lacinato Kale. As stated earlier, it’s the fusion of these fruits and green leaves that make the magic really happen.”

“The United States Department of Agriculture recommends that we consume 4 to 5 serving of both fruits and vegetables per day. However, that can be a lot of food for most people to consume daily. So how do we do it? How can we eat healthier when we all live such busy lives? Well Green Regimen has found the answer. The average person may not be able to eat all 5 recommended serving of fruits and vegetables. However, the average person can definitely drink these fruits and vegetables in a delicious Green Smoothie. Green Regimen has engineered delicious Green Smoothie Recipes to tailor fit your individual needs. Whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain your physique or just obtain a more optimal level of health, Green Regimen has a recipe for you.”
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There is something that the perfect green smoothie and the perfect POS systems from Sintel Systems share. Green smoothies are good for you and POS systems from Sintel Systems help you keep more of the green money you earn.
About: Green Regimen is a health and fitness organization that offers people an alternative to losing weight, achieving their optimal level of health, and taking control of their lives. Green Regime offers the smoothie and juice bar industry various levels of consulting services including menu development and training. The recipes offered by Green Regimen are complimentary for private and individual use. The name Green Regimen and its logos are the sole property of Green Regime and protected as such. Green Regime offers its service, menu, and use of its name under licensing agreements to interested commercial parties. Please contact Green Regime for more information at They are available to all Sintel Systems clients and ready to meet you anywhere in the World to help you get Green.
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