Target Same Day POS Delivery

Target is rapidly expanding and innovating its services in an effort to keep up with its competitors Walmart and Amazon. Target has therefore decided to use the internet in its favor in order to speed up its orders and offer online ordering to its customers who didn’t have time to physically come in and shop. And for those same shoppers that are quite short on time, Target has also introduced and expanded its Drive UP curbside pickup along with its Same Day POS Delivery service.
Target has partnered with Shipd to offer its Same Day POS Delivery service. This POS Delivery allows customers to order and receive groceries, electronics, and much more. Shipd can now be used to order from Target from Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin. Drive Up is also expanding to new places.
Target “is planning an ambitious expansion. Shipd should be available in the ‘majority’ of stores in over 40 states by the 2018 holiday season, and Drive Up should be available in 1000 stores across the country” says Jon Fingas in his article “Target expands curbside pickup and same-day delivery services.” And it can’t be denied that Target is indeed moving fast.
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