Sintel Systems Applauds Rockefeller Fund Divestment from Fossil Fuels

Peter O'Neill, great-great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller, speaks during a news conference asking for a change in Exxon Mobil Corp.'s governance in New YorkAs a company who focuses on staying green and environment friendly, Sintel Systems continues to support any and all initiatives that are good for the planet. Rockefeller heirs recently announced their plans to withdraw approximately $50 billion from fossil fuels.
The family, whose well-known wealth stemmed from Standard Oil, is now joining the divestment movement that began on college campuses just a few years ago. The movement originally included college students who encouraged university endowments to divest from the fossil fuel business in order to cease support of the release of carbon associated with global warming.
Stephen Heintz, an heir of John D. Rockefeller, stated that he believes if Rockefeller were here today, he would be fully supportive of investing in clean and renewable energy instead of fossil fuels.
Since the launch of the divestment movement, close to 180 institutions as well as hundreds of notable individual investors have pledges to sell those assets that are tied to fossil fuel companies. Instead, they plan to invest in cleaner alternatives. While aware that these divestments may not have immediate impact on companies, those involved believe that the continuous fight to end climate change will result in new regulations causing the companies to be a risky investment for others. Moreso, investors are hoping their divestments will prompt international debate about an ever-important issue.

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