Sintel POS System at Art's Bakery

Art’s Bakery makes a lot of beautiful, savory treats and is locally located in Glendale, CA. Art’s Bakery opened in 1987 after its founder, Angela, came from Armenia and brought her recipes along with her to this new country. This bakery has been working hard through the years and continues to deliver delicious pastries to its customer, but running this business got a whole lot simpler for Art’s bakery because when they decided to partner with Sintel Systems to get a new bakery POS System.
But what standards have made Art’s Bakery a success business. Nick Hartounian answers that for us.
Nick Hartounian, the marketing manager of Art’s Bakery, says that “The most important aspect of running a successful bakery is quality.” Nick however, meant much more than offering quality food and desserts, he was also talking about having a POS System that has quality performance and helps employees deliver better customer service.
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Every restaurant and bakery must have quality at the top of their list and Art’s Bakery is no exception. It is for this reason that they went to Sintel Systems to get the best POS system to fit their needs and standards.
After Art’s Bakery was outfitted with their new Sintel bakery POS System, it was easier and faster for cashiers to deliver better customer service. Nick agrees, saying that “We’re a business that opens 16 hours a day, with cashiers that have different shifts, and Sintel makes it so easy for our cashiers to serve our customers on a very fast matter.”
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Naira, a cashier at Art’s Bakery, adds that Sintel Systems is “a great system” that gives us them the opportunity to find items with ease and if they need help solving a problem “we just call their emergency number and they just quickly send a reply to all of our questions, we’re happy to use it, it’s nice to work with Sintel Systems.” This shows that employees aren’t frustrated with the system, and happy employees make for happy customers.

Another thing that stood out was how Nick said that “One of the easiest aspects of our expansion would be the use of Sintel POS systems.…” He has realized that their success and growth as a bakery goes hand in hand with their POS System. And their success is also Sintel System’s success.
And for any bakeries or restaurants out there looking for a POS System that will enhance your business’ success, come learn about Sintel System and how they provide the best in POS systems.
Sintel System’s new POS bakery software offers a custom cake ordering option, which is a really important POS factor to most bakeries. Sintel System also offers unlimited technical support as part of its support plan and provides hardware support, software support, cloud services, gift/loyalty card network with mobile app and embedded merchant account services.
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