Should I install point of sale software on my computer to make a POS systems?

“Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.” – Albert Einstein
A very understandable question since many new business owners see a POS system as computer with a special sort of software. To draw a comparison between installing a POS software on a computer rather than purchasing a POS system, lets look at the following questions:

  • Do you cut the top of your sedan to make a delivery truck or do you obtain a delivery truck?
  • Do you put up a tent or do you rent a place to start a business?
  • Do you buy dummies with loud speakers or hire actual employee to help you run your business?

A legitimate reason people try to go down this route is because they are trying to save money or don’t have sufficient capital to purchase a system.

The short answer is look at your point of sale as investment rather than a secondary expense and:

  • Do not just install a POS software on your computer.
  • Do not buy a used system.
  • Do not buy a cheap quality system.
  • Do not buy an online (Cloud) POS. (Coming soon: Is online POS systems right for me? What is the cost?)

The Spanish also have a great saying, “Lo barato sale caro” it is translated to mean “Cheap things turn out to be expensive.”
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