Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt: Be Prepared or Fail

The self-serve frozen yogurt has many advantages from a business perspective including lower cost of goods, higher margins, and relatively lower cost of labor. However, successful operations require a wise and some very necessary investments.   If you are not prepared to make the necessary investment, it will fail. You don’t have to go any further than one of the successful national franchises like Yogurtland to understand. Unlike other sectors where one can find a specific section of a market, in frozen yogurt you are directly competing with competitors who are well prepared. When you walk into a successful frozen yogurt shop, note the following 1) the number and quality of the frozen yogurt machines, 2) improvements (lots of tile and stone), 3) the variety of fresh topping, and 4) the number and quality of POS terminals. There are no successful frozen yogurt operations with a couple of low quality frozen yogurt machines or poor decor or absence of fresh topping or cheap POS systems (i.e. cash register, regular computer with software installed on it, etc.). This industry is like professional race car sport. If you want to enter the race car profession, taking your daily commute car and entering the race will only ensure failure.  If the investment in at least 3 or 4 (minimum) good quality frozen yogurt machines and a real POS system designed for FroYo is outside your budget, rethink your investment as the proof of success lies in the successful operations all around you.
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