Securing Point of Sale's Points of Fail

Restaurant POS Point of Sale Now.jpgMost people imagine cybercrime as involving hackers from remote locations on the other side of the globe, breaking into servers to steal information and, as such, our involvement comes when the bank places a freeze on our credit cards.

“Shockingly, this is not the case,” reports in their post, “How to Defend Against Physical Point of Sale Attacks.”

In fact, nearly one-half of all data breaches in the retail and hospitality sectors are classified as “physical attacks,” meaning that the criminals had to be on the premises in order to physically tamper with the point of sale system.

Given the strong presence Sintel Systems has in the frozen yogurt segment of the restaurant point of sale (POS) marketplace, we share these resources with our customers and franchise hopefuls. We also happily share our vast experience and expertise in the frozen yogurt market sector and geographic growth trends with startup owners in order to help them make the best decisions from the very beginning.

WatchDemoIconHere are the highlights of the post:

Tactics used to physically compromise a point of sale terminal include the following:

– To make unauthorized purchases, criminals create a “clone” of the user’s credit card by using a skimmer to copy the credit or debit card’s magnetic strip data. The tactic necessarily involves replacing or modifying a retailer’s point of sale device in order to record or transmit the stolen data to a secure location.

– The smash and grab technique has criminals bribing employees to let them take the retailer’s point of sale terminals or a separate device for modification. The compromised device is then quickly returned for its new, nefarious purposes.

– In what’s called a sleight of hand move, some criminals manage to quickly and secretly modify a point of sale device ultimately for their own illegal gains.

– In an attack called the con, the bad guys portray themselves as employees of the point of sale terminal’s manufacturer to gain direct access to the device.

Tactics used to minimize the risk of the physical attacks described above include the following:
– Make a record of your point of sale devices and check the device serial numbers regularly to ensure they match your records.
Educate the staff to better understand the tactics used by criminals and the hallmarks of physical tampering.

– Make it difficult for criminals by using cables and locks to physically secure point of sale devices.

– To deter criminals, install CCTV and maintain a video record of your point of sale terminals at all times.

Retailers must educate themselves, and their staffs, about the techniques criminals use to gain access to valuable customer information and devise a set of policies to prevent point of sale device tampering as well as nullify the effects of a compromise.

Read the full post here.

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